The end of the year continues to bring good news for the Riga Richard Wagner Society – we have received a donation of €10 000 from the Richard Wagner Society Frankfurt a. M. (Richard Wagner Verband Frankfurt a. M.).

This is the second time that the Wagner Society Frankfurt has supported the renovation project of the Richard Wagner Theatre in Riga – already at the end of 2021 we received a generous donation, which has contributed significantly to the activities of the Society and the development of the project up to the present moment. We are delighted that representatives of the Frankfurt Wagner Society had the opportunity to witness the laying of the cornerstone of the Wagner Theatre in May this year and to see the theatre that will be reborn thanks in part to their support.

Dirk Jenders, Chairman of the Frankfurt Richard Wagner Society:

The second fundraising campaign organised by the RWV Frankfurt to support the Renaissance of the Richard Wagner Theatre was also a great success. Thanks to the response of the members, the first donation from 2021 was repeated and a few days ago another 10,000 euros were transferred to the Riga Richard Wagner Society.

This strengthening of the cultural bridge between Frankfurt and the Latvian capital is not only an expression of the connection between Wagner fans, but also of solidarity in these difficult times.

After years of preparation, including obtaining expert opinions, launching tenders, analysing cost estimates and raising funds, the project is now undergoing excavation, drilling, demolition and rebuilding of walls and ceilings. So work has started on the theatre, and this marks a very exciting new phase. Every day we are witnessing a vision become reality.

Read the original publication on the Frankfurt Richard Wagner Society website here.

The Renaissance of the Wagner Theatre is also supported by the International Association of Wagner Societies as well as the Wagner Societies in Berlin, Coburg, Freiburg and Minden.

The full list of supporters can be found here: