On 18 October, the Riga City Council adopted a positive decision on the transfer of road elements for gratuitous use for the implementation of the renovation project of the Richard Wagner Theatre in Riga, at 4 Riharda Vāgnera Street.

The revival of the Wagner Theatre requires a series of large-scale works, and this would of course not be possible without the development of the construction site and the use of nearby streets during the construction works. This usually also means a significant part of the funding going directly to road occupation.

This is an important contribution to the project, and we very much appreciate the city’s support in this journey – in just a few years’ time, the Wagner Theatre will bring together music and art lovers and will become an integral part of Riga’s and Latvia’s culture.

The project “Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at the “Riga Wagner House”, 4 Riharda Wagner Street, Riga, LV-1050, by renovating and restoring the Riga Wagner House” is supported by the Emission Trading Instrument, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the German Embassy in Riga and Riga City Council.